Town Hall

Town Hall meetings are just pep rallys for adultsIn High School you used to have huge meetings where everyone would come and listen to the vice principal tell you how good the team is this year and how, after months of training camps and car washes, we will finally beat those dirty, cheating Jaguars and take State! Those gatherings used to be called pep rally’s. At the office, they are called Town Hall meetings.

You’ll want to attend the first couple of Town Hall meetings your freshman year, just to see everyone there and listen to what the VP says. At this point, everything is new to you. After a year or so, though, the pep rally’s will quickly lose their novelty and you’ll want to sneak off to the cafeteria with your friends and play Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a good two-hour waste of time where you don’t have to be at your desk, so you might as well take advantage of the situation and rack up some XP.

You gripe with your buddies at how the varsity core-team gets all the visibility while you were the one that tutored them in remedial English so that they could pass with a D and go to play-offs. But deep down you hope they go all the way. The more games they play, the more Town Hall meetings you’ll have. By the end of the semester you might level up a few times. And that’s well worth it.