Think Outside the Box

Scotty would frequently think outside the boxWhen Management says, “We need to think outside the box”, they are basically telling you to take your “We can’t do X, because of Y” and shove it. Management doesn’t want to hear problems, they want to hear solutions. It doesn’t matter if the universal physics of the space-time continuum agree with your statement. Because Scotty already ruined it for you.

When the Enterprise was a floating hunk of space debris just waiting for the Klingons to fire the last proton torpedo, what did Kirk always say? “Scotty, I need propulsion now!” And how did Scotty always initially respond? “The dilithium crystals are depleted. I dunna have the power, C’pt’in!”

Did Kirk care? Hell no. Did he have any suggestions? Of course not. The only thing he cared about was that Scotty make things right and get propulsion restored. And then, just as things were at their bleakest, Scotty would think outside the box and discover a new way to recharge dilithium crystals with the radiation from the nuclear power plant of a 1986 aircraft carrier.

Don’t waste your time explaining to Management why its impossible to go back in time, suck the radiation off of a nuclear engine and stick it in your dilithum crystals. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t even compatible. An “Aye Captain” will do.