Team Effort

Breakfast Club - a Team EffortAnytime you get a group of people together to work cooperatively on a project you’ll have different personalities reacting to the situation in different ways. Working on a marketing strategy for a new product is no different than that group science project you did back in chemistry class your sophomore year. There’s the Class Clown, the guy who never shuts up and is always going off on wild tangents about the fart jokes in last week’s blockbuster movie. There’s the Sleeper, the girl who curls up on the corner desk with her head in her arms and catches up on Z’s she missed the night before while partying. There’s the Obstructer, who bashes every idea that the other team members have, but never has one of his own. There’s the Amiable Recluse, who would happily help out if someone told him what to do and would give great ideas if he thought anyone wanted to hear them. There’s the Overanxious Butterfingers, whose Midas Touch breaks everything she comes in contact with. Then of course, the Nerd.

The Nerd had formulated a solution before the project was assigned. He is the guy no one hangs out with, but everyone wants on their project. After a few cursory exchange of ideas, the Nerd goes off by himself and starts working while the Obstructer and the Overanxious Butterfingers argue with the Class Clown about his idea of hiring a team of dancing midgets for their end-of-project presentation. The Sleeper scribbles on a notepad while the Amiable Recluse watches the Nerd work from across the room. The Overanxious Butterfingers tries to lend a helping hand and sets the Nerd’s progress back half a day with one stray swipe of her hand. The Class Clown suggests going to the mall for brainstorming while the Obstructer tags along to work on his blamestorming.

At the end of the project the Nerd’s hard work blew the competition’s away, but the poor presentation given by a few of the other members landed the Nerd a C+. After reminding the teacher after class that the solution was by far the best and that it was all his idea and work, the teacher reminds the Nerd that the project was a team effort and that the team members shared the glory of the successful solution and that he had to share the disappointment of the presentation. The lesson to learn? Work hard. You’ll need an extra edge when your team effort makes you look like an idiot along with the rest.