Stakeholder - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

As important as we may think we are, you and I are only the supporting characters in the prime-time sci-fi dramatic comedy we call The Office. We are there to help, but we really don’t have that big of impact on the plot, the budget or the special effects. Our only purpose is to make the lead look good. This person is the one who gets all the credit when things go great and are supposed to be held responsible things go awry.

These stakeholders have an important job, keeping humanity safe from the minions of the undead that attack on a weekly basis. Not to cross any harassment lines, but hopefully your stakeholder is very attractive while she is delivering round-house kicks to the blood sucking vampires in upper management and landing elbow drops on the sniveling zombies in the international departments. No matter how destructive her foes capabilities are, her hair never gets out of place.

If you only complete one action item, it must be to keep her aware of danger when you sense it and to cover her back. Because when your stakeholder goes down… you’re dead.