MacGyver repurposed a stick of chewing gum into a rocketLet’s face it. People who waste our natural resources and don’t recycle suck. I firmly believe that everyone should do their part to save the environment. You probably hear Management talking about recycling as well, they just have a different name for it: repurposing. They don’t want you to toss your old webserver to the curb when it’s past its prime. They want you to find a way to repurpose it. You shouldn’t scrap an entire project that has wasted millions of dollars and hundreds of man-months just because it doesn’t facilitate the usability requirements. Integrate it’s core competencies into another worthless project and repurpose them.

A real-world example of a Repurposing Superhero (Corporate Division) would have to be the Phoenix Foundation. They prove, week after week, that you don’t need to spend a fortune on the latest gizmos to be winners. Their employees champion the cause of environmentalism by looking for ways to repurpose everything from broken flashlights to bugglegum wrappers to rusted out mufflers.

The Phoenix Foundation hosts the annual world-class Repurposing Training Conference, presented by their Chief Repurposing Executive, Angus McGyver. At the conference, expect to learn how to use a ball-point pen case to fix a cracked fuel line, use a butane tank as a torpedo, use a light bulb and ice cubes to break a door lock and disarm a missile with a common paper clip.

Armed with McGyver’s Proven Repurposing Techniques, a Swiss-army knife and a few objects salvaged from an adjoining cubicle, you will be ready for whatever comes up in your next staff meeting or hostile takeover. And you’ll save a tree in the process.