Xbox ring of death - no fault tolerance hereHey, stuff happens, man. You can plan your strategic initiatives all you want, but sometimes it just happens anyway. It’s times like this that you want your systems to be laid back enough to take the bad with the good and not freak out about it when something gets tore up.

Having a fault-tolerant system is like hanging out at Uncle Glenn’s place for the summer. Baseball go through the window? Nice arm, kid! Fry the modded X-box? It needed a bigger drive and more bling anyway. Drink the last beer in the fridge? Here’s the keys to the truck, drive ole Uncle G down to the Quickie Mart to pick up another case.

So when you invest in an enterprise-wide solution, make sure it’s fault-tolerant. Nobody likes to be hassled like mom and dad used to do to you, before you converted the attic above the garage into an apartment and started working the night shift to avoid them.