Compliance cheat codesIt may be fun to skip ahead a few levels to see what is coming up, or start off with lots of resources if you don’t have time for a long campaign, but in real life nobody likes a cheater. Whether you are in a 16 player LAN game or working on a document management project, everyone should always play and work under the same set of rules.

As long as everyone is aware of the house rules and follows them, they are all in compliance. When someone tries to sneak in a /GOD code or implements a million dollar solution without first gathering requirements from the business community, they will be labeled as a cheater and banned from further LAN parties. They will not be banned from staff meetings. They will laugh and giggle as they jump-jump-jump around the level, firing rockets in every direction and taking no damage from direct hits. This will frustrate and annoy all present until, one-by-one, everyone drops out of the game and starts playing FIFA soccer on the X-box or ping-pong out in the garage.

This type of person will complain when someone makes a technical decision in their absence but makes promises to clients without first consulting the engineers. They do what is best for their political agenda rather than what the end-users want, compliance or not. The only thing you can really do in this situation is hope this person doesn’t make it through the next department re-org and don’t let your friends bring them over to the next LAN party.

Unless they buy the pizza.