Arms-Length Relationship

Jabba the Hutt - Arms-Length RelationshipIn business, you manager may want you to work closer with the Marketing department, possibly to find some synergies in your alignment opportunities. Don’t be nervous, it’s just business.

It won’t be anything like that time in college when the Kappa Delta girls held a fundraiser and auctioned off their officers as a “girlfriend for a week”. You won’t have to sell off your comic books like you did to win the high bid of $837.91 for Delta president Mindy McHottie (only the finest babe on campus), who’s reaction to the going-going-gone was a mumbled “Oh dear God, no.” You won’t any get cheers from your brothers in the Engineering House as you fought your way through the crowd to claim your winnings.

There won’t be any sweaty palms and nervous hives you broke out with while awkwardly suggesting that the two of you go to the Spring Greek Dance as Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia in her slave girl outfit. You don’t have to try and make light of the situation saying that as Jabba, you won’t even need a costume.

You won’t get tripped and pushed around by the guys in the other frat houses as you follow Mindy around the dance like a lost puppy dog. Nor will you get pushed to the floor by your date when you lean in for a goodnight kiss at 9 P.M. when you have to get back to your room to study for exams on Monday.

No, an arms-length relationship in the workplace is absolutely nothing like the one you had in college. Unless, of course, Mindy McHottie got a job down in Marketing.