Action items

Action Item - Kill 8 Vile FamiliarsBecause “tasks” is too brief and “honey dos” is too… well… gay… you will now come away from staff meetings with a list of action items. No big deal. It’s a Quest Log, okay?

Sure, there’s probably a lot of things you could be trying out, lots of cool things to do, but if you want to see all of Kalimdor, you can’t do it as a 1st level Troll Shaman. No, no, no. You’ve got to do the newbie stuff in Valley of Trials first, then make your way through Durotar to Orgrimarr, filling up your Quest Log along the way. Sure, some of the quests might be under your level, but they may have an uber reward or open up an Elite after you complete them.

So throw down your totems and grind through those action items. The quicker you start, the quicker you’ll get to Crossroads.