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Sometimes you’ll get a request from your customers that sound completely silly. Although they pay the bills, there are some things that you can and should deny. Any request that will delay the go-live or alter the deliverables on a project go-forward, should be pushed back. This doesn’t mean you […]

Pushback - Knights of the conference table

Deliverables - one kryptonite rock to kill superman


Last week you were an entry-level computer programmer at Webco Industries bringing home a cool $143.80 a week. After getting busted by Ross The Boss for pilfering half-cents out of the payroll computers you are suddenly his denial-of-service expert. All he asks you to do is one simple thing: kill […]


It may be fun to skip ahead a few levels to see what is coming up, or start off with lots of resources if you don’t have time for a long campaign, but in real life nobody likes a cheater. Whether you are in a 16 player LAN game or […]

Compliance cheat codes

Processes by Boggart Snape


I solemnly swear that I am up to no good! Even the most naturally talented wizards and the brightest witches of their age must follow a strict set of prescribed procedures to get their spells to work properly. These processes can include the correct flick of the wand, the correct […]


Some evils cannot be concealed by the power of the Elves. Who, then, do you look to? The Dwarves? The Consultants? They hide in their mountains seeking riches. They care nothing for the troubles of others. These perils belong to all the Stakeholders and it is up to them to […]

Collaboration at Rivendell

Go-Live with Gozer the Traveler


When you are on the verge of a fourfold crossrip or the release of a product upgrade to your customers, you might notice a PKE surge of incredible, even dangerous proportions pointing to something big on the horizon. How big? Let’s say this Twinkie represents the stress levels of your […]


You know exactly where you want to be, you just aren’t sure how to get there. What you need is a roadmap. Now don’t be naive, only an idiot would believe someone who told them you could get a roadmap down at the corner QuickieMart. No, I’m sorry, it’s going […]

Roadmap to the city of Tannis

Redundancy with Tomax and Xamot


When one feels pain, so does the other. They see through each others eyes and know the other’s thoughts. Because of a bond linking the two beyond that of most indentical twins, Tomax and Xamot are able to defeat nearly all foes, even Real American Heroes. They are redundant, supporting […]

Strategic Initiative

While your immediate supervisors give you action items and project plans, Schemes of Domination usually come down from the Tower of Orthanc, the Galactic Core and the Executive Boardroom. These strategic initiatives usually include taking over a significant portion of the known universe and are lead by Emperors of ancient […]

Grand Moff Tarkin plans his next strategic initiative

Action Item - Kill 8 Vile Familiars

Action items

Because “tasks” is too brief and “honey dos” is too… well… gay… you will now come away from staff meetings with a list of action items. No big deal. It’s a Quest Log, okay? Sure, there’s probably a lot of things you could be trying out, lots of cool things […]